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Since the dawn of written history, those with their eyes open to true magic have held their secret seminars of wonder and reveled in the culture and creativity around them. To them, with brains infected by an enchanted alphabet, language is not mere communication, but the very fabric of experienced reality. Possessing superhuman cunning, mages seek to understand every element of the world around them, for through understanding comes power.

As a mage, you can enhance your play with flexible temporary boosts to any stat. You'll be vulnerable to physical wounds, but find it easy to avoid drawing suspicion to yourself.

The player can choose to become a mage in Susurrus.

One becomes a mage through exposure to the Alphabet. Traditionally, this exposure is on purpose, but recently there has been and spike in "accidental" exposure. This spike has resulted in a sudden increase to the number of mages.

Mages can suffer from Sophomania (a form of hunger) if they are not careful. To lower their Sophomania it is recommended that the mage in question visit the Library or take a look around the Cosmic Cafe.